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We believe that Psych Med Associates is able to provide the best in mental and behavioral healthcare. We are founded on strong Christian values incorporating kindness, gentleness, and devotion to our clients. Knowing that there is no cure for mental illness, achieving stability and helping our patients live the highest quality of life through psychotherapy, family counseling, medication management, and support is our goal. Through this focus, and the aid of our Lord, we endeavor to help overcome mental illness and bring healing to individuals and their families.

Dr. Matta is named a 40 under 40!

We would like to congratulate Dr. Matta for being selected but the Pennsylvania Medial Society’s top 40 physicians under 40 for 2016.  We feel this honor reflects Dr. Matta’s hard work and desire to ensure every patient receives the healing and kindness that is a legacy at Psych-Med.


Psychiatric Evaluations

Psychiatric Evaluations may vary according to their purpose. A general psychiatric evaluation involves interviewing the patient and reviewing any collateral data to determine the possibility of an existing mental illness. Upon completion of a psychiatric evaluation the practitioner will work with the patient to develop a treatment plan that may or may not include psychiatric medications and/or therapy. Reasons for requesting a psychiatric evaluation may include depression, anxiety, decrease in cognitive functioning, impairment at school or work, grief or loss issues, etc.

Medication Management

Upon completion of a psychiatric evaluation, a patient may then begin to have medication management appointments. These appointments last 15-30 minutes and may occur every 1-6 months depending on the severity of illness and progress of the patient. Medication Management appointments are used to monitor the efficacy of medications and adjust or change medications based on ongoing symptoms or side effects.


Therapy services may be individual, family, or marital based on the need of the patient. This is a therapeutic interaction between the patient and staff, in which the client talks about problems or symptoms they are having, in hopes of developing positive coping skills. Patients may or may not also use medications in addition to therapy.

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It all begins with a call to one of our friendly and courteous staff members.  We would love to schedule a time for you to visit with one of our highly qualified mental health professionals.  Like any new patient appointment, it starts with gaining a better understanding of YOU.  The goal is to find the right path of treatment that is tailored for you.  We pride ourselves on welcoming new patients into mental health treatment and providing an environment that shows that we truly care.

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