Red/Brown color: active, emotional, passionate, trusting, nurturing, reliable & dependable

Black: formal, bold & serious

Blue: depth & stability, comfort, faith, clarity & understanding

Red/Brown “square” shape: place of safety, structure & surrounding peace. Also reflecting the top of the PsychMed Office building

White circle (clock shape): representing the person and the passing of time that will make them whole inside the safety of the square. Also reflecting the clock mounted into the front facade of the PsychMed Office building placed by Dr. Shoukry Matta as a distinct landmark for the entire city to see.

Black “M” letter: the formal practice created and founded by Dr. Shoukry Matta giving support to the business, as well as individual patients. The business resting on the shoulders of Dr. S. Matta, all while providing a covering and legacy to inherit by his successor and son, Dr. Mark Matta.

Blue “M”: depth, comfort and faith provided by Dr. Mark Matta, who is now supporting the practice. The blue is progressive and modern echoing the personality and character of Dr. Mark Matta and his leading of the practice into the 21st century.